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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is rapidly becoming an important tool for attorneys who wish to handle clients' problem effectively in the modern legal environment. Mediation, as a form of ADR, is quickly becoming a mandatory step in most jurisdictions. Mediation and other ADR techniques can effectively curtail costs, save time, reduce client stress, and provide an arena in which parties settle differences with a win-win outcome.

    Risk Free
    Reasonable Cost
    Self Determination
    Time Efficiency
    Encourages Communication
    Future Relationships
    Uniquely Informal

You can learn more about mediation by visiting the McNeely Mediations website at

McNeely Mediations is located in Shelbyville, Indiana. McNeely Mediations serves central Indiana in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).  Mark W. McNeely is a Registered Mediator in the State of Indiana.

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